Waterpick handheld shower heads
Tan colored soaps from The Body Shop with little bits of stuff in them
Lufa dried out insides-of-a-squash body scratcher thingys.
Scented bath oil (though it's been a while)

my computers

R W Knudsen family beverages
Hansen's diet sodas

My car, a 1992 Subaru model SVX, WA license # ACE2478

all oatmeal stouts, but especially the nitrogen conditioned one from Young's brewery
all products of the Carlsberg brewery in Köbenhavn
all products of the Dechutes Brewery in Bend Oregon

Cuisinart Mini-Mate food processor, It chops cranberries, minces fresh herbs, and does a passable job of grinding espresso.

Corning glass

Sony & Hewlett-Packard electronics
Fluke & Tektronix test equipment

Pumpkin butter (it's like apple butter)

McSteven's Cocoas

Snap-on tools, except Mac swivel impact sockets are better
Wera torque screwdrivers that work with ordinary hex bits

Eros Bodyglide, a silicone based moisturizing lubricant. It's latex safe which oil based lubes aren't, and doesn't get sticky, which water based lubes do.

Parker Super O-Lube, an industrial non-toxic silicone lubricant for o-rings. Nifty stuff for o-ring sealed fittings and valves everywhere.

Shampoos and soaps with peppermint oil in them and the warm weather that helps make that menthol chill enjoyable

Power Tools
Metabo's corded grinders, drills and band saw, and cordless circular saw, drills, sawzall, and air cooled charger
Festool's corded circular saws and cordless brushless lithium battery drill
The Fein Supercut
Bosh "Blue Diamond" Masonry Drill Bits and Masonry cutting grinder & saw blades
The giant carbide toothed sawzall blades sold by Taylor Trading Company
Tiny Scroll cutting sawzall blades are cool, too
as are the handles that accept sawzall blades making them easier for handheld use.

My Bernina computer sewing machine. I bought this brand because my mom has had one that's lasted all of my life and still works fine. I'm very happy with it.

XYlifloss Dental Flossers

I don't floss as often as I should, but I'd floss less still if it wasn't for these things. They're the best flossing-your-teeth product I've ever encountered.

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