First, here's a panoramic composite of some photos taken May 1st before the arrival of the first (and only so far - July 4) truckload of Rastra.

Before Panorama, May 1

Then, here's some photos of the Rastra arrival later that day.

Truck pulls in, May 1 Truck side view, May 1

Tile-Tec's forklift, May 1 Stacking Rastra Bundles, May 1

Getting a bundle 1, May 1 Getting a bundle 2, May 1

Southern bundles close, May 1 Southern bundles far, May 1

Cherry Blossoms, May 1

Here's some photos from the first day of digging, May 9th.

Excavator arrival 1, May 9 Excavator arrival 2, May 9

Excavator arrival 3, May 9 Topsoil removal 1, May 9

Topsoil removal 2, May 9 Topsoil removal 3, May 9

Marking spots 1, May 9 Marking spots 2, May 9

Marking spots 3, May 9 Deepening the hole, May 9

Here's some photos from the second day of digging, May 10th.

More marking spots, May 10 Tree removal 1, May 10

Tree removal 2, May 10 Tree removal 3, May 10

Finishing the hole, May 10

Here's some photos of the completed dig, the first day after completion, May 11th.

Southern Side View, May 11 Main Hole View, May 11

Main Hole, Northern Side, May 11 Garage Hole, May 11

Here's some photos of the foundation hole the first day of the rains, May 12th.

Main Hole, May 12 Garage Hole, May 12

New Parking Area, May 12

Here's the materials for the forms, just after arrival on May 10th.

Form Material Arrival, May 10

Here's surveying for the first form stakes on May 13th.

Surveying main hole, May 13 Stakes in SE side, May 13

Stakes in NW side, May 13

Here's some photos Steve took on May 16, after the completion of the form work that was done before my arrival.

Form started SE side, May 16 SE Garage Detail, May 16

NW looking garage detail, May 16

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