Artistic Expression

Showering in spring water

Some days when I don't drive anywhere in the morning and it isn't raining to speak of, before I consume any calories, I exercise until I've been out of breath a few times and am sweaty (say 1/2 hour or more) & then shower. I may have been up for a while before this happens, but I find the combination of first nourishment of the day with the showered & resting feelings is a happy thing in my life.

Fasting one day a week. I've been doing this since 1984 1/2 or so.
I occasionally miss a week, and I don't worry about it when this happens.

Photography stuff


The drive on NM hwy 120 from Wagon Mound to Angel Fire. The 12 miles just past Ocate aren't paved and may be impassable in winter.

The drive past San Luis, CO just north of NM.

The number of per capita art galleries in Taos, NM.

Noam Chomsky

The email forwarding perlscript I wrote with the help of Tom Greer Jr. (Lahti), Tx3 (Linxure)'s system operator and one of its 3 T's. NB: Tom is in no way responsible for the ugliness of my code; he's responsible for it not being even uglier than it already is and is generous enough to allow me to run it on his system.

This snippet of Javascript I cobbled together that sucks a .csv file into a Javascript array. It's www.John.Banister.name/CSV_READ.html. I made it on the way to trying to modify Kevin's Calendar so that my mom could be able to be able to export events from Broderbund's Calendar Creator (with which she is already familiar) and ftp the .csv file to the town home page where the modified Kevin's Calendar would display the events for other people to read. I copied from several free sources online in order to get this far with it. Note that owing to the nature of the script, in only works in the environment of a web server, not on my computer at home, but I think that's necessary for it not to create security issues from loading a non-.js file into a Javascript. I think the idea is that this way the server has to (or gets to, depending on viewpoint) deal with (regulate) the permission issues. I recobbled that snippet to a .js file here available as csvEvents.txt It has instructions for how it can be used with Kevin's Calendar to allow you to update calendar events with a .csv file. -- Ok, now I made a modified version of Kevin's Calendar script where the calender is built using the Document Object Model. Here's Calendar2.txt and csvEvents2.txt The instructions for their use are in the files. It's not exactly the same as as with the original calendar. -- Ok, I changed the calendar more, so that it changes months without reloading the page, which is nice. I also combined the calendar and csvEvents into one script. I couldn't get the dropdown list for selecting months to work in IE, though it did work fine in Opera, Safari and Firefox. Then, my brother-in-law, Stever Rowe, helped me fix that problem, and then we worked together on getting it to look better (to us) and just now (June 1, 2008) it doesn't work in IE again. We may well have fixed it again before I modify these words to reflect that change. You can get it as Calendar3.txt, and if you're using IE, please consider installing a real browser. Note 2011: Kevin has updated his calendar so that it uses the DOM and also uses CSS. I plan to modify the new version to work with an external events file like the one above, but I haven't done so yet.

The Campaign to Boycott Internet spam

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