Here's where to direct communication to John Banister

SMail: 26828 Maple Valley Hwy., PMB #257, Maple Valley, WA 98038-8379 USA

When my index page says I'm not at home, please use this address for letters, magazines and other thin flat things that fit into envelopes.

Their phone number is 425 433 1440
Their fax number is 425 433 1443
Their email is

SMail: 29500 Green River Gorge, Enumclaw, WA 98022-8719 USA

Note: UPS, DHL or Fed-Ex packages sent to this address should be sent c/o Carter Lift Bag as that's where the trucks stop, and I'm seldom down at the bag shop when they do.

SMail - Packages Only: c/o Enumclaw Self Storage Unit 272, 810 Blake St., Enumclaw, WA 98022-9382 USA

When my index page says I'm not at home, please use this address for packages. They will put the packages in the little storage unit I'm renting to await my return.

Their phone number is 360 825 4143.
Their website is, and
their email is


Home+1 360 886 1042
Cellular+1 206 200 5670
No Iridium+ I misplaced the phone for a few years and allowed the service to lapse. I doubt anyone who reads this page will care.

Please note that I almost always use caller ID to screen calls to my cell phone. I let my voice mail pick up the calls from numbers I don't recognize or show up as out of area. Many calls made using prepaid calling cards show up as coming from 800, 877 or other area codes that telemarketers also use a lot. The chance is very small that I will return such a call or know that someone other than a telemarketer attempted to make contact with me if the person who calls doesn't leave a message. Also, I usually figure that if it wasn't worth leaving a message, then the call probably wasn't that important, anyways. Finally, I have a gsm booster operating here, but the cell phone reception is still hit and miss for voice. It's usually ok for making the phone ring and for text messages, but not always.

The Current situation, July 2011: My land line hasn't been connected for more than a couple of days for about a year and a half.
The Current situation, May 2014: I have transferred my land line number to I get an email from them when someone calls that number and the voice mail picks up. I have a Virgin Mobile Broadband2go hotspot that lets me see email at home, but the data rate here isn't consistently fast enough for me to use the voip adapter with it. So, these days I only use my "land line" home phone when I'm not at home.
Note to thieves: I defend my personal property with my life. If you threaten my life and I can't get through to 911, I won't hesitate to shoot you with jacketed hollow points.

email: Email to me as or or will autoforward to my Tx3 address. Note that Tx3 changed to be Linxure and then became owned by Skynet Broadband. Email addresses and websites at and and at are all the same, but they differ from those at Please also note that if I send you an email from the webmail system rather than from my computer, it will come from instead of You can address your reply to either one (or any of my above addresses). They're all the same at my end.

Note also: Email coming to my Tx3 mailbox (the one I check) is filtered by Skynet's excellent spam filter system. Mail from senders who are not on my allowed senders list gets fed through a spam filter. If they score low enough in the spam checking (and lots of actual spam does) then they get a challenge reply (challenging you to prove you're a person and not an automated spam sending system). If you properly reply to the challenge, then your email gets through. If you're on my allowed senders list, then your email gets through unchallenged. Sometimes, when I am someplace where I have 40k or faster internet access, I look at my quarantined emails that did not get through and haven't yet been automatically deleted, but I wouldn't count on your message being spotted this way. You can also use the link below to send me a message, bypassing the filter system. If you use it to send me your address, and if I'm not at sea, I'll get online and add you to the allowed senders list manually. I'm also going to make up a form on my site where you can type in your email address and click a button to get it listed, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I apologize for the hassle, but this is currently an amazingly effective way to stop the spam.

This address is also mine. It doesn't autoforward. I primarily use is when Skynet has technical difficulties with my regular mail service or when I want to use Gmail credentials to log in to a forum because I'm being too lazy to make up a new username & password database record in the Password Gorilla. I don't check it very often.

A final note about capitalization:
For email addresses and the domain name (first part) of web site addresses, capitalization (within the 128 character ascii character set) doesn't matter. = QAZWSX@EDCRFV.COM = Qazwsx@Edcrfv.Com = qAzWsX@eDcRfV.cOm etc.
also: = http://wWw.EdCrFv.CoM/ = http://WWW.EDCRFV.coM/ etc.
However, after that third slash, it depends on whether the server runs Windows or Linux. Modern Windows file systems preserve case, but don't care about it. File systems used by Linux care about case.
So if the server uses Windows, = =
But, if the server uses Linux, !=
For Linux servers, case changes are still ignored in domain names, but not in file names or directory names.

For those who prefer to send their email in an envelope, below is my PGP public key.

Version: PGP 8.0.2


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