Searching for Stuff

Getting Listed so Searches can Find You

Some Medical & Health Links

Chainmail Debunking

Some other Sites of Interest to John

Adult Sites (If you want to look at still nudies, save yourself some hassle. Use MS Outlook or get a newsreader (I like NewsPro) and download 'em from the groups.)

Telecommuting Links

Some sites for Charitable activities

  •, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, a charity ranking & watchdog organization.
  • The American Institute of Philanthropy, another charity ranking & watchdog orginazation
  • GuideStar, a resource for information about charitable organizations
  • VolunteerMatch, Matches Volunteers to projects that need them.

    A few email Gateways

    Some Shopping Bots with links to many bots for many purposes

    Some Voting sites

    Here's my spammers list from my user preferences.

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