Some Foods I like:

Guiness Extra Stout
All Oatmeal Stouts and especially Young's nitrogend conditioned oatmeal stout
Deschutes' Bachelor Bitter, and most of thier other products
eau de vie's & distilled fruit wines
single malt whiskies, Cognac, and good Burbon whiskies that have been aged in wooden casks
Homemade mead that tastes a little like the yeast on summery grapes
Hot Cocoa if its cold out & the cocoa isn't watery (or syrupy) tasting
Columbia Winery's Merlot & Syrah & that they put their URL on their corks
Medjool Dates, Green Ripe Olives, Dried Apricots and Calimyrna (or Smyrna) Figs
Big flat raw almonds, Lightly roasted cashews where the oil hasn't gone bad (mixed with 15% honey roasted cashews), pecans that taste a little moist, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios (especially in baklava)
Lehua blossom honey
Tough gluteny breads and also heavy whole grain breads and landbrot especially if the loaf weighs a lot for its size
Sashimi & Sushi, especially tuna, tako salad, rolls with several kinds of fish, and toro served as nigiri with plum wine for dessert
Plochman's Natual Stone Ground (horseradish) Mustard and their Kosciusko Mustard
Ri- brand Thai Jasmine Rice Snack in Nori Seaweed Wasabi flavor
Dal and thick lentil soups
Custards, plain or with pumpkin or sweet potatoe or anything similar
Yami plain yogurt and their Zoi Honey Yogurt
Chobani Coffee Yogurt and their Pineapple Yogurt and most of thier "A hint of" Yogurts
Whole Pickled Beets
unspoiled Tomatoes and Peaches that were allowed to ripen before they were harvested.
most Thai food with coconut milk
salads with mixed greens, veggie pizza ingredients and no onions or bell peppers
Pacific Foods brand Vegetable Quinoa Soup, Santa Fe Chicken Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomatoe Soup, Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup, Vegetable Lentil and Roasted Red Pepper Soup, & Curried Red Lentil Soup
Back To Nature brand Chicken Tortilla with Red Quinoa soup
Iagine brand Italian Style Wedding Soup and Savory Black Bean Soup
Safeway brand chicken tortilla soup mixed with their black bean soup.
The butternut squash soup I had at the lodge in Sequoia Park
Tasty Bite brand Madras Lentils (Dal Makhani)
The Restaurant Style Dal Tadka from Veg Recipes of India
Most every spicy sauce with a coconut milk base served over brown jasmine or basmati rice
Dirty Chai Latte made with Black Tea Chai + Redbush Chai + Cold Brew Espresso + WestSoy Unsweetened Plain Soy Milk + Stevia
Tuna salad made with pickle relish, without onions and flavored with curry powder or southwest flavored ranch dressing

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