Some Foods I like:

Guiness Extra Stout
All Oatmeal Stouts and especially Young's nitrogend conditioned oatmeal stout
Deschutes' Bachelor Bitter, and most of thier other products
eau de vie's & distilled fruit wines
single malt whiskies, Cognac, and good Burbon whiskies that have been aged in wooden casks
Hot Cocoa if its cold out & the cocoa isn't watery (or syrupy) tasting
Columbia Winery's Merlot & Syrah & that they put their URL on their corks
Medjool Dates, Green Ripe Olives, and Calimyrna Figs
Tough gluteny breads and also heavy whole grain breads and landbrot
Sashimi & Sushi, especially tuna, tako salad, rolls with several kinds of fish, and toro served as nigiri with plum wine for dessert
Dal and thick lentil soups
Whole Pickled Beets
unspoiled Tomatoes and Peaches that were allowed to ripen before they were harvested.
most Thai food with coconut milk
salads with mixed greens, veggie pizza ingredients and no onions or bell peppers

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