Some Foods I Don't like:

Onions (I do often like the flavor cooked (carmelized) onions impart to other foods, and I tolerate the presence of the onions, themselves, if they're cooked and were chopped to half centimeter or smaller in the largest dimension before cooking.) I like onion bread and fake onion rings, but not so much onions in salad or home style onion rings, big chunks of onion in stew, or long strips of onion in stir fry.
Bell Peppers, especially green ones and cooked ones (I'm pretty happy with other species of pepper, though)
Spinach, except raw baby spinach if it's part (ideally, about 20%) of a salad greens mix. I especially dislike canned spinach.
Okra (except pickled, which I don't object to, but don't seek out)
Beets (except small whole pickled beets which I like very much), especially canned harvard beets.
many eggs w/ milk or cheese dishes
overcooked vegetables that lose the bright green and look tinged with grey
lima beans (except baby ones that haven't been overcooked)
plain white sticky rice
plain white bread
raisins used as ingredients in cooked food
anything w/ imitation grape flavoring
when I'm at work, anything having pieces of meat, fowl, fish, etc with chunks of fat on them or with bones in them unless those bones are bigger in diameter than my thumb,
The oil from mammal fat.
Yellow cheese on pizza
Pea soup, french onion soup, low sodium low fat tomato soup, french dip
any soup with oil sitting on top of it
anything fried in old oil.
Most uses for mayonnaise, and especially the orange mayonnaise that gets squirted onto grocery store sushi

My response to foods I Don't like:

Adding combination of black pepper and ketchup moves many foods from somewhat unpleasant to marginally tolerable. The thing is, pepper and ketchup are like politeness. I use them with those I like as well as with those I don't like, so you can't necessarily tell one from the other by observing me add them. The same holds true with Tabasco sauce in relation to soups.

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